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Anti-Climb Fence: Everything You Wanted to Know

Apr. 25, 2021


Anti-climb fencing is a Welded Wire Mesh Fence that combines a clean, rectangular pattern with a high level of security. These panels are designed to prevent intruders from climbing or scaling over the fence. Many varieties of anti-climb fences are also designed to stop cutting. You can get anti-climb fences in a variety of heights and sizes to meet your needs and security preferences.


Anti-Climb Fencing

Anti-Climb Fencing



How does an anti-climb fence work?




Anti-climb fences are safer than regular chain link fences. Anti-climb fences also have a tougher, double vertical wire welded construction that makes them harder to cross. When used in combination with barbed wire or razor wire, toothed spikes or security fence spikes on top of the fence, anti-climb fencing is our most popular choice among high security customers such as prisons, public facilities, government offices and military properties.



Benefits of anti-climb fencing




High visibility without compromising security


Welded at every crossing point


Double vertical lines designed to deter intrusion


Cut and climb resistant small mesh openings


Corrosion resistant


Finished after welding to protect welded joints


Can be used with fence toppers for added security


Easy to install


Low maintenance costs



Where can you use anti-climb fencing?



You can use Anti-Climb Fencing anywhere to make sure people can't climb over your fence. But more specifically, we have seen anti-climb fences benefit the following industries and projects:


Prison perimeters                                                                       Military sites


Military sites 


Government facilities                                                                 Power plants


Power plants


Nuclear power plants                                                                 Airports




Railroads                                                                                    Roads




River and port                                                                            Chemical plants


Chemical plants


Gun manufacturing plants                                                         Wildlife sanctuaries


Wildlife sanctuaries


Auditoriums and concert venues                                               Warehouses 




Storage units                                                                              Police stations


Police stations


Courthouses                                                                               Psychiatric facilities


Psychiatric facilities


Hospitals and medical facilities                                                  Schools





Benefits of Installing Anti-Climbing Fences



Anti-climb fences can serve a variety of purposes, depending on where and how they are installed. They can keep intruders and thieves out, keep dangerous or unstable occupants safe, and maintain the sanctity or security of an area. Here are some of the benefits that our different types of clients have gained from anti-climbing fences:


Office Buildings


Anti-climb fences can help limit access to private parking lots and protect vulnerable areas such as dumpsters and HVAC equipment.




Many condominiums and hotels have pool areas that serve as amenities for guests. Anti-climb fences can keep children safe and prevent drunk or overzealous people from jumping into the pool, potentially endangering other guests and possibly even drowning.


Stadiums and sports fields


Prevents people from wandering onto the field after a game has started, discourages event breakers, and prevents those taken away for being disruptive from returning.


Industrial facilities


Often, factories, warehouses and utility plants have equipment and tools that are both dangerous and valuable. Protect property and keep the public safe by discouraging after-hours trespassing.



Anti-Climbing Fence Frequently Asked Questions



How much does an anti-climb fence cost?


Your price will depend on the price of raw materials, processing costs, and the size of your site.


If your budget is limited and you are not too concerned about corrosion and rusting, Galfan coating without vinyl/polymer coating may be best for your needs. In highly corrosive environments, a Galfan coating with a vinyl/polymer coating is the minimum level of protection you need. In general, we recommend choosing the most durable option that you can afford.


How effective is the anti-climb fence?


The design of an anti-climb fence makes it virtually impossible to climb. But it also improves security in other ways. Anti-climb fences are reinforced to prevent cutting or being knocked over. You can also reinforce your fence with a concrete base or rebar from below to prevent tunneling.


What kind of maintenance is required for anti-climbing fences?


It depends on the coating you choose, but generally speaking, anti-climb fencing is extremely low maintenance. It's designed to be very durable and resist damage, so you likely won't need to make many repairs or inspect it as often.


We hope that the above sharing is helpful to you. In addition, our company also provides Temporary Fences, if you need, please feel free to contact us


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