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Factors That Affect the Height of A Home Fence

May. 23, 2022

You may not be aware of the many rules that apply to building any type of structure on your property. Because of special restrictions for legal purposes, most of them require you to obtain special certification through your local government to meet above the average height limit.

But there are other ways to get around fence height restrictions, which we will discuss further. If you are considering building a fence for your home, here are some of the factors that affect fence height.


Palisade Fence

Palisade Fence


Laws and Bylaws

Where there are homeowners, there are also laws and regulations regarding how to build a home according to local and state codes. These laws are in place to prevent people and intruders from entering the property.

But they serve two purposes, because they cannot be too high, as they block a person's view when driving. One must be able to see the surrounding area when driving so that they can see oncoming traffic, which can be a problem at corners and on busy streets.



Where you live and where your fence is is more important than you might think. For example, if you live in a flood zone, then a high fence may not be a good idea, or at least not made of wood. If you are in a very windy location, then this may also hinder your building plans and is definitely something to consider.

If earthquakes are something you experience regularly, then you may suffer from ground erosion, just like a high floodplain. If you are in an area that is heavily wooded then you will want to trim as much as possible around the fence.


BRC Roll Top Fence

BRC Roll Top Fence



The size of your fence area will determine the total cost as well as the material. Therefore, if you use vinyl or wood, you may pay a higher fee at the end of the build than if you use barbed wire, which is a fraction of what you expect to pay.

You should also consider materials that decompose organically, as polymers and metals take longer to break down. Each has its pitfalls and it depends a lot on how much you are willing to spend and what you want to do with your property.


Swimming Pools

Anyone who owns a swimming pool can attest to the fact that they are legally required to install a taller and stronger fence than others who may not have one. The reason for this statute is primarily for security and intruders.

For safety reasons, you do not want unwanted visitors swimming in your pool, whether human or animal, as they will be your responsibility if any pool-related accidents occur. Pool owners need a stronger fence than others.


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Many people like to have the privacy of their homes, and the yard plays an important role in that. If you walk into your yard and your house is surrounded by neighbors on all sides, then you don't really feel like you really own anything. But the privacy that a fence provides allows you to feel like you have a place where you can relax and spend time with your family.


HOA Regulations

These days there are many subdivisions that have strict HOA policies, but this is due to the standards of the community itself. This is to keep the community in good shape to maintain its values and to attract specific types of individuals to live in a community that is willing to abide by the strict policies they enforce.


Double Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence



If you live in a place that is very cold most of the year, you need the right material. It is wise to try metal or vinyl as fencing materials, as they are both very strong and less expensive alternatives to fence construction and may actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you live in a warm climate, gluing to wood is fine, but make sure you treat it first and then apply stain or paint to prevent it from rotting or splitting. Extreme heat and cold can also cause wood to break under pressure, so if you choose to use wood, you will need to treat this first.



Before you put up a fence in your yard, think carefully about what you decide to do with your property and consider these factors that affect the height of the fence as well as all the criteria for building it. You may find that you still want a fence anyway, so contact ZERUN and go for it.



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