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Choosing the Right Type of Wire Mesh Fence

Jun. 15, 2022

For commercial use, residential properties, agriculture and more, wire fencing offers a cost-effective and simple solution to a wide range of security and safety needs. Just as effective at keeping unwanted visitors out as it is at keeping livestock out, barbed wire is strong, durable and low maintenance. It also offers a wide range of options and provides different options to meet specific requirements.

Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence is a specially designed welded fence with double horizontal wires welded to a single vertical wire. Its unique construction makes it stronger and more durable than monofilament fencing. Usually, our double wire fence cannot come with fold because its vertical wire is too strong to bend.Our Wire Dia: 6/5/6mm or 8/6/8mm.

Double wire fencing is very popular in the European market and is widely used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications including but not limited to playgrounds, schools, communities, gardens, parks, etc.

Double wire fencing

Welded Wire Mesh Roll

In many ways, welded wire mesh rolls have become the default wire mesh option for their versatility and simplicity. Available in different heights, widths, apertures and wire thicknesses, as well as PVC finishes, wire mesh rolls offer a variety of options in terms of strength, enclosure and deterrence. This versatility means that the use of wire mesh can be found anywhere from back gardens to industrial complexes, from safely containing pets to site security, which are all very common.

Welded Wire Panels

Manufactured in a similar way to mesh rolls, welded panels are supplied in ready-made galvanized steel construction for quick installation. The main advantage is that the mesh panels are semi-rigid, providing additional strength. Some people also find the panels easier to manage, making them popular for certain types of large installations, such as industrial and commercial sites.

Welded Wire Panels

Metal Mesh

Often referred to as wire mesh, wire mesh is a flexible option with unique hexagonal wound holes. Not as strong as wire mesh, netting is a cheaper option, making it a popular choice for home use and small-scale assets. It is perfect for keeping chickens and rabbits in fenced areas and protecting valuable berries from birds. Like netting, netting is available in galvanized and PVC-coated versions for added durability.

Wire Mesh

The sharp barbs on electric wire are an excellent deterrent for both people and livestock, which is why it is widely used in security and agriculture. For security purposes, barbed wire is often run over other types of fences to deter people from trying to climb over them. When enclosing livestock, intact barbed wire is more common because they do not have the ability to climb between lines like people do.

Euro Fence steel wire

Euro Fence steel wire


Strain wire

Strain wire can be described as barbed wire without barbs - basically just plain old wire. While it can be used to create fences by running multiple threads, its most common use is to keep them taut and straight at the top of the fence by keeping them under high tension.

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