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How Can An Anti-Climbing Fence Protect Your Property

Jun. 09, 2022

We often see the term "anti-climb" fence, but what is the best type of fence to prevent this risk? The purpose of anti-climb fencing is to prevent unwanted visitors from entering a building or outdoor space by scaling the barrier. There are many options on the market, so it helps to explore what's out there and how it can protect your property.

Anti-climbing capability

As the name implies, anti-climb fences are designed to prevent intruders from climbing over the fence. Anti-climb fences are made with a tightly woven mesh structure, so they are difficult to climb. Even professional climbers will find it difficult to scale the tightly woven mesh of an anti-climb fence because it is difficult to gain a foothold or handhold on the anti-climb fence. If someone even tries to climb your fence, they will soon find it almost impossible, and whatever they try to gain from the intrusion is not even worth the hassle of trying to get over your anti-climb fence. In addition, the height of the anti-climb fence and other anti-climb features (such as barbed wire) help make it more difficult to climb, even if someone is able to scale it.

anti climb fence


In addition to having anti-climb features, anti-climb fences are strong, sturdy and durable. Your business will be further protected by the anti-climb fence because it is made of the strongest material that is not easily knocked down. This also helps it to continue to stand even in bad weather. Rust and deterioration are also things you don't have to worry about, making the anti-climb fence even safer in protecting your business.

Impossible to climb

Naturally, a fence with a sturdy design and flat profile won't have hands or footholds to help climbing intruders, so it provides immediate protection for property. Many timber sound barriers fall into this category.

For specialized sites such as data centers or manufacturing facilities, noise reduction and perimeter security solutions are often equally necessary. We use a combination of wood and steel to provide high-security noise reduction options. The strong, flat profile makes it a smart choice for those who need a high level of protection against crawling.

358 High Security Fence

358 High Security Fence

Extra Ingredients

Fence spikes and security tops are designed to enhance security against climbing and intrusion. Rotating spikes are a powerful deterrent because they increase movement and instability, making entry more difficult.

At ZERUN, we have a wide variety of security accessories, including barbed wire, spikes and organ wire. All of these are designed to deter and deny access to the premises - their presence alone is enough to deter anyone who wants to climb.

Choosing the best anti-climb fence

Anti-climb fences include metal railings, vertical bar fences, welded mesh panels and wood noise barriers, to name just a few. Each type of fence performs differently, and each meets the goals of visibility, strength and aesthetics. If you need to buy, contact us for a quote!

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