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Why a Wood Fence?

Apr. 12, 2021


Whether it is to keep dogs and toddlers in, to keep prowlers and intruders out, or just to show off your beautiful gardens, a wooden fence might be just the answer. Palisade Fencing Suppliers help you choose will depend on your needs. What are you trying to accomplish with your fence?


Keep intruders out and maintain privacy. If security is a concern or you would like to be able to use your hot tub or back yard free from spying eyes, one of our solid board wooden fences might fill your needs. With a solid board solution, vertical boards are attached to sturdy horizontal members with no space between them. This, with a securely locked gate, helps to improve your security and feeling of privacy.


Palisade Fence

Palisade Fence


Another style of privacy fence that many of our customers choose is the board-on-board fence. This is basically a picket fence with pickets on both sides, which shields your yard from street view. Our Privacy Fences can be installed painted or unpainted, and we offer a variety of scalloped and latticed tops.


Show off your beautiful yard. While sometimes you want to conceal your yard, there are certainly times where the goal is to showcase your lovely landscaping. For this, a picket fence is just what you need. The open design of a picket fence allows easy visibility of your gardens and other landscaping, while keeping neighborhood dogs out. Like our privacy fences, these beautiful fences are offered with a variety of scalloped tops, and can be painted or left as natural wood.


Another great option to highlight your yard is a split rail fence. If you want to keep dogs and children from wandering in or out of your yard, you can apply a wire mesh to the back of this classic fence.


Picket fences and split rail fences are also great for giving children boundaries and keeping them safe.


Keeping animals in. If you have horses or other large animals, a beautiful, functional paddock style fence is the solution. This time-tested style is sturdy enough to keep horses from wandering, and serves as an accent for your horses. We can fit your fence with electric wires to further discourage your animals and we can install wire mesh to keep out dogs and other wandering animals. As with all of our fences, we can paint or leave the beautiful wood to age naturally.


Of course, if a Wooden Fence does not meet your needs, we offer a complete line of fences in a wide variety of styles and materials, including chain link, welded wire and aluminum options. We install interior storage cages, as well as elegant gates inside a home or business to control traffic flow or keep a busy toddler away from a hot wood stove. 


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