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What You May Not Understand About Razor Coils

Feb. 14, 2022

When most people consider protection fencings, they likely picture them with barbed razor coils. Razor coils are certainly a reliable barrier. But due to the fact that razor coils are so rare in numerous nations, many individuals understand really little concerning them past that.

1. Tough to obtain authorization

Razor coils are extremely harmful to people as well as pets. Special authorizations are needed to install razor coils, and also they are difficult to obtain. Razor coils are used mostly in reformatories and also armed forces websites, with federal government consent, and also in extremely remote locations. Also then, they are located in very high areas or inside various other types of fences to make sure that virtually nobody will inadvertently come in call with them.

2. Different kinds

Razor coils are made use of all over the globe and their kinds consist of:

BTC or Barbed Tape hexagonal accordions, which are the most typical kind of rounded razor coils. They are constructed from interconnected razor wire spirals, which give them the "hexagonal" shape they are named for.

Flatwrap is a two-dimensional razor coil. The razor wire is wound in a spiral and after that secured where the cables converge, however unlike the BTC, this is not a three-dimensional coil. This enables it to be tied straight to the fence grid.

An electric coil is a BTC coil that has an electrical fencing insulator and also cords inside the actual coil. They can be linked to a fence stimulant, so you not only have a razor coil, but you have existing inside the coil.

Palisade Fence

3. Different materials

You might assume that razor coils are just constructed from galvanized steel, which is one of the most typical material it is made from. However razor coils are also made from materials like stainless steel, grades 304 and also 316, as well as occasionally, stainless-steel barb tape wrapped around a galvanized cable core.

For the most part, you will see that the razor cord specification calls for "galv/galv", which means that the galvanized razor strip is twisted around a galvanized core wire.

4. Different diameters

Razor coils come in various dimensions and also due to their form, are typically gauged according to the size of the coil. The most common sizes of razor coils are 450 mm or 18 inches, 700 mm or 28 inches, and also 980 mm or 39 inches. The diameter of the coil additionally depends on how much it is stretched. So certainly, if the coil is stretched more or less, the size will transform.

5. Hazardous waste

The last point we'll share today about razor coils is that they are also very dangerous to deal with. Whether you have leftover coils at your website or you are removing and also replacing old coils, they require to be managed very carefully. Razor coils are very hazardous, also deadly, to individuals as well as pets, as well as they need to not be disposed of in a normal garbage dump. See to it the coils are very carefully taken off site, reduced into pieces and also disposed of in a metal reusing facility that can correctly deal with them.

ZERUN Fencing occasionally installs razor coils on high protection fencings for a selection of customers. If you have a project where you want to have razor coils mounted and would like more info, please speak to the branch nearest you. We are constantly happy to help you with info and budget plan rates for your high security secure fencing job.


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