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What is the Application of Hexagonal Mesh?

Jul. 12, 2021


Hexagonal Wire Mesh is a type of mesh that has hexagonal holes and has many different applications. One of the more common names for hexagonal wire mesh is chicken coop mesh, as this mesh is commonly used as fencing for chicken coops and for other agricultural purposes.

Gabions can also be used with this type of netting to help control flooding and water levels. An industrial use for this type of netting is sorting, but it usually requires special metal mesh to achieve this. Arts and crafts can also use this wire mesh to form objects.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

The most common use of hexagonal wire mesh is for use on farms, especially for raising chickens. This wire is attached to posts to make fences that chickens cannot pass through; this wire mesh is usually inexpensive, so it is economically easier for farmers to control where their chickens go. This type of wire mesh can also be used to keep pests at bay, making fences to ward off pests, and it can be wrapped around trees and crops to help them grow and protect them.

Another use for hexagonal metal mesh is for Gabion Boxes, which may or may not be box-shaped. Wire mesh is wrapped around medium to large sized rocks to keep them together, and these boxes are placed on the banks of floodwaters. This increases the height of these planes, making it more difficult for water to reach houses and buildings. Even if there is no flooding, this can help keep water out if the periodic water levels are too high.

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