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Points to Consider When Selecting Perimeter Fencing

Mar. 26, 2022

When securing your premises, perimeter fencing can be a crucial element that offers premier levels of protection for property or people on site. Whether you’re looking to safeguard an industrial operation, a data centre, school play area or sports event, erecting perimeter fencing can be an ideal option.

In the following passages, we’ll explore some of the key considerations that purchasers must account for when choosing security fencing to match their requirements.


Clearvu Security Fence

Strength is paramount

A perimeter fence must be tough enough to ensure thieves and trespassers are kept out of your premises. Any security fence that cannot hold up under an intrusion attempt involving either brute force or built-for-purpose cutting tools will offer an easy breach for criminal minds. In addition, a security fence that isn’t well-designed with a protective coating can also degrade prematurely when exposed to the elements. This can lead to a loss of structural integrity, making it more vulnerable to attacks. With these factors in mind, always select a perimeter fence that is weather-proof, durable and can withstand different attack vectors.

Amp up your perimeter security

Along with standard security fencing, a pulse monitored perimeter solution can strengthen your defences. Electric fence toppings can be added, acting as a powerful deterrent to criminals keen to attempt unauthorised access and physically delaying their infiltration attempts. In addition, selecting an electrified solution is ideal for sites with remote locations and can cut operating costs, as less workforce is required to patrol properties.


358 Security Mesh Panels

Select an adaptable option

Finally, it’s worth choosing a perimeter fence that is easy to customise. Whether your site is expanding or the type of property or data kept there becomes more valuable, being able to extend or enhance your security measures can be critical. Choosing a fence type that has a modular design can be a wise move, allowing you to stretch your perimeter to provide appropriate cover for all areas of importance.

Security fencing to fit your needs

For robust perimeter fencing, you can depend on, contact our specialist team at ZERUN today for advice and support, or browse our extensive range of security solutions here on our website.

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