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Guidance: How To Install Razor Barbed Wire Safely

Aug. 09, 2021

Have you ever seen the loops of barbed wire that come in coils on walls and fences? It's called razor barbed wire. It is a highly secure wire capable of forming large coils and is sharper than standard barbed wire. They can cause serious cuts to anyone who tries to go over it and are great for keeping your house safe.

If you are interested in razor barbed wire or want to buy and use it, it is necessary to understand how it should be installed. In this article, ZERUN will provide you with some detailed installation guidelines based on our experience.


Measure and calculate how long you need the razor barbed wire to be. Too long or too short is not good. Determine the number of coils, each can be spaced 8 to 15 feet apart. Afterwards check the razor wire itself to make sure it is not rusty.

Take note of the following: blade type, blade thickness, core diameter and number of coils per coil. Prepare the tools and accessories needed for installation.

You will need to have a pair of razor wire gloves. Gloves for hand and wrist protection that are cut, puncture and abrasion resistant. The arm sleeves need further protection to avoid cutting yourself.

Warning signs. We recommend that warning signs are fixed at 10 metre intervals along the length of the fence run.

Pliers or large scissors that can cut wire. For cutting and fastening wire.

Some equal length, thicker wooden sticks. For inserting into the ground to support the barbed wire.

A durable ground hook. For holding the coils firmly in place in the ground.

Ladder. A ladder that can be propped up into a triangular shape and stand on the ground to facilitate climbing high.

Concertina Razor Wire

On an existing high fence

Climb up the ladder and place a coil of razor barbed wire on top of one of the sides of the 358 security fence and secure it. Be sure to be careful, if it is not convenient to climb high, you can remove the fence first, install it and then put the whole thing up.

Afterwards, stretch the coil of wire all the way to the other end of the top of the fence and secure it again.

Distribute the rolls of razor wire as evenly as possible along the fence, without leaving too many gaps. Try not to move around in case you cut yourself. If you are worried about it being unstable, use thin rope and tie it tightly every few inches.

On the tall wall

Start by mounting the brackets on the wall, spacing them out. As the wall is high, you can use a ladder or scaffolding with helpers around to look after it.

Attach at least two rows of wire to each bracket so that the razor wire can be held more securely in place. You can also use barbed wire. The barbed wire is extended and fixed to the stand, while the wire coils are fixed to the wire or metal mesh with straps.

On the ground

This type of installation is relatively simple and you should have seen it on TV in army camps as it is very quick and allows for the rapid deployment of an effective defensive barrier.

First, a set of X-shaped fence posts (they are made of two wooden rods put together) are installed at regular intervals on the ground. Then extend the razor wire, stretching it slowly and placing it on each X-shaped fence post. Finally you can tie the fence posts and razor barbed wire together, reinforcing them with rope or wire etc. at the contact points.

Our biggest advice to you is to be very careful when installing, especially when stretching the blades, make sure you hold the coil firmly or it could pop up and accidentally injure you. After installation, check that the fastening is complete and does not allow any looseness.

Concertina Razor Wire

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