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Hesco Barrier Guide: What Is It and How Do I Install It

Mar. 11, 2022

Concerttainer , commonly known as HESCO MIL, Hesco Barrier, or Hesco Fortress, is a modern gabion mesh used primarily for flood control and military fortifications. It is made of collapsible wire mesh containers with a heavy-duty fabric lining and is used as a temporary to semi-permanent dike or blast wall to protect against light weapons fires and/or explosives. Originally designed for beach and marsh erosion and flood protection, HESCO barriers quickly became a popular safety device in the 1990s.

Benefits of Hesco

Unlike ordinary woven or welded gabions that are filled only with stones, Hesco barriers can be filled with soil, sand or gravel. This means that raw materials are very easy to obtain and are particularly suitable for sand-rich coastal areas. Typically, a front-end loader is used to fill the container.

Hesco Barrier

Hesco Barrier Structure

Similar to a beehive, the Hesco barrier consists of an external welded gabion and an internal fabric lining. Its contents consist of soil, sand or small stones. The line can be yellow, grass green or another color that blends in with the surroundings.

Barrier Installation

Assembling a Hesco barrier involves unfolding it and filling it with sand, soil or gravel - usually using a front-end loader. Barrier placement is usually very similar to the placement of sandbag barriers or earthen berms, except that space must usually be made for the equipment used to fill the barrier. the main advantage of Hesco barriers is their quick and easy setup, which has greatly contributed to their popularity among troops and flood fighters. Previously, one had to fill sandbags, a slow job with one worker filling about 20 sandbags per hour. Workers using Hesco barriers and front-end loaders can do ten times as much work as those using sandbags.

Hesco Barrier

Flood Control Uses

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used to lay so-called HESCO Barrier Barriers to flood-proof parts of the Los Angeles River and clear vegetation to improve water flow. It was the preferred method of flood control for the Army Corps.

The thinking is that with more El Nino rains coming, water levels may leap over the riverbanks. These barriers are critical to keeping nearby homes and businesses safe.

Imagine a wire box, four feet high and three feet wide, lined with plastic canvas, then filled with dirt. Line a few of them up and you have a fast and strong wall.

The plastic in the canvas is felt, not woven, which means it's much stronger than a typical construction tarp. It stretches evenly in all directions when stretched, which is a key factor in preventing runs.

The canvas also has a baked-on sunscreen that prevents UV light from degrading the polypropylene in the material. This means the barrier can last five years or more.

Hesco Barrier

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