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Installation Method and Characteristics of Gabion Net

Nov. 13, 2020


In the face of floods and river bank collapses, water conservancy protection projects urgently need to find suitable solutions. At this time, the Gabion Nets play a very good role. The gabion nets can be folded and installed on-site. After being assembled into a gabion cage , The operator also needs to fill the stone and concrete waste into the cage, and then put it into the river to block the direction of the water flow. The gabion net has a simple structure and is easy to install. Its production does not require any complicated craftsmanship, and the gabion net is widely used, especially suitable for emergencies. It is precisely because the gabion net has so many advantages that it has been widely used by people. The water conservancy department stores some gabion nets every year for flood and collapse rescue.



Installation skills of gabion net



Because the gabion net has been folded into a gabion net in the workshop of its production base and packed at the construction site, the operator only needs to load the stone and connect the gabion net. When installing the gabion net, the operator must first set the sides and partitions of the Gabion Box to ensure that each piece is in a precise position, and then tie it to the four corners of the gabion net. After the lashing is completed, a lashing wire or metal buckle is used to connect the gasket to the cage, and then stones are placed to make a coherent stone cage net.


Gabion Nets

Gabion Nets


the characteristics of gabion net




1.Excellent stability and overall performance



The gabion net is a twisted-pair grid structure woven by machinery, and partial damage will not cause group damage to the cage. In addition, the gabion net also has the characteristics of moderate deformation, even if there is uneven settlement, the entire gabion net box will not appear cracks.



2. Excellent corrosion resistance and durability



The steel wire of the gabion net has undergone a hot-dip galvanizing process. This process makes the coating on the surface of the Iron Wire more stable and can effectively delay the oxidation of the steel wire. After the resin coating treatment, the gabion net has a good Corrosion resistance, antistatic, anti-aging, anti-oxidation. In addition, the service life of the gabion net is also longer. According to the test, the structure of the gabion net processed by the hot-dip galvanizing process is very strong. It can be soaked in 30% hydrochloric acid for 10 days. Discoloration and cracking occur, so we can see that even in highly polluted areas, the gabion net material is very reliable, and the life of the gabion net coated with resin film can reach 70 years.


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