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Airport Perimeter Fence

Mar. 16, 2021

The Airport Fence is composed of a V-shaped bracket standing and reinforced welded sheet net. The safety anti-theft connector and the hot-dip galvanized razor cage are the guardrail products with high strength and safety protection. Assuming that the razor wire and razor wire are installed on the top of the airport fence net, the protective ability of the fence is well strengthened.

Its products are beautiful in appearance and diverse in color and design, which not only play the role of fence but also beautify. The airport perimeter fence can adopt anti-corrosion methods such as electroplating, hot-dipping, spraying, and dipping. In recent years, it has been widely used in high safety places such as airports and military bases.

The airport perimeter fence is called "airport fence", "airport isolation fence", and "airport fence". It is a kind of fence product specially used for the protection of the airport periphery. The airport perimeter fence is welded by low carbon steel wire. The mesh, column, Barbed Wire, and diagonal bracing are connected together. Uses: It is mainly used for the nearest isolation protection, beautification and anti-overturning projects of the airport. It adopts an assembled integral frame structure, and the product is beautiful, which is conducive to construction, convenient and fast installation.

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