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Accordion Wire, Hexagonal Razor Wire, Barbed Wire Guide

Apr. 28, 2022

It is known as accordion wire, named after the instrument and its expanding bellows. It is similar to barbed wire commonly used to corral cattle, but it uses flat coils that can expand as quickly as its namesake, making it easier to store, transport and install.

It has been the wire of choice for armies around the world since World War I. Manufactured today at the factory using galvanized steel, the hexagonal accordion wire consists of sharp, flat blades. It is used to protect businesses, prisons and other government facilities.

barbed wire

Razor Wire

A hexagonal accordion wire or razor wire is a serrated metal wire made of galvanized or stainless steel, manufactured in large coils that can be unfolded like an accordion, featuring a passive security element.

The main function of accordion wire is to form an accordion outer area with high security and deterrence to prevent outsiders from invading the restricted area. The hexagonal accordion is used in various sectors of industry, military and government types as well as many other places.

With the manufactured spiral form, its installation does not require any complicated work and can also be installed on walls, mesh fences, fence panels and other vulnerable areas.

The hexagonal razor wire design provides high strength blades with great penetration capabilities while creating a deterrent to potential intruders.

razor wire

Corrosion resistant

Hexagonal razor coils made of stainless steel offer many advantages.

It will not rust in any weather.

The sharp blades will not dull.

Excellent resistance to alkali and acid elements.

No maintenance required after installation.

Shiny appearance gives warning signals to undesirables.

Sharp blades.

Long-term economic cost.

Generally, accordion fence is a combination of accordion wire and chain link fence or electric welded wire mesh, which will only keep people away and not hurt you. This type of accordion fence is widely used in prisons, airports, residential, government and commercial areas.

Another type of accordion fence consists of accordion spirals. On the one hand, they can be fixed to a steel structure to form a security fence. On the other hand, they can be installed without a steel structure.

razor wire

Our supply

Depending on the material, galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel wire are offered. They all resist rusting and maintain sharp blades that threaten anyone who wants to break in.

Depending on the diameter of the coils, hexagonal and razor wire are offered. In fact, they both have a similar appearance and application. However, hexagonal accordion wire is usually supplied in coils and has a larger diameter. This includes single or double coil accordion wire and spiral accordion wire.

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